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Thursday, 31 January 2013

MUA Smokey Eye Look


This product is priced at £2.50

I am a huge huge fan of all the MUA products, they're cheap, cheerful and do a damn good job at impressing you every time you use one of their items. I have recently been absolutely loving their eye shadow trio collection in the dark smokey eye shades, all three colours work amazing together for either that sultry night out look with full black impact or for a lighter day look with a slight pop of grey on the lid, it’s a winning product how ever you choose to use it.

 The colours are highly pigmented, and blending them together is easy if you own a good eye brush, I use the highlight shade over my brow bone the lighter grey shade on my crease then the dark almost black shade on my lower lid and lash line. The packaging is also very cute, with a decent amount of product for each shade and a small applicator (which I don’t use but still great for beginners) it is the perfect little saviour product to throw in your makeup bag if you want the sexy smokey look without trifling through every product in your collection.


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Sleek Blush by 3 in 'Flame'

This set is priced at £10.00 

I have never tried any of the sleek blushes before, I find their contour kit the holy grail of makeup, however I've never felt drawn to any of their other cheek products, that is however, until they introduced their 'blush by 3' blush set. I have tried and tested the trio in the shade 'Flame' and I can see why they've named it this... these are pretty daring colours and not for the faint hearted, with a deep red shimmer shade, a hot Barbie pink, and a very bright orange toned shade they are some what a risk for any blush fanatic.

Overall I really like this set, however be careful, I find that you only need a very little amount on your brush to get a nice colour without looking too silly, so remember to tap all the excess off and just a tiny bit is needed to blend the colour well. My favorite shade is probably the orange, as I like peachy orange shade’s and I think they complement the skin tone well and bring a tanned and healthy glow to your skin. I would say that the red shade is one that I wont be using again, even with the smallest amount on I felt like it was just too much for my skin tone, and made me look like a china doll with red dots for cheeks. The finish of the product is quite matt but each shade has its own under cover shimmer, I think I would buy sleek blushes in the future, however maybe less daring shades...

picture one- orange shade (furthest to right)
picture two- pink shade ( middle colour)
picture three- red shade (left shade)

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Body Shop's Tea Tree Skincare

Tea Tree Concealer, £7.00
Tea Tree blackhead Exfoliating wash, £3.25
Tea Tree Night Lotion, £9.00
I’m not usually one to enter the body shop for facial skincare products, I love their body creams and scrubs, however it usually stops at that, and I would never have found myself buying makeup from the brand. However about half a year ago I purchased this trio of products from the Tea tree range at the body shop, I think they were doing one of their offers, three for two or something, so of course I couldn’t resist.

The body shop is well known for its use of natural ingredients in all the products, you only have to walk into the shop and that herbal goodness smell over whelms you, they have many different lines of skin care to cater for various skin types, one of my favorites is the vitamin E range for their day moisturizer, however I decided to take the tea tree route, as I have used tea tree based products for years and I love the smell and finish they have on the skin.

The first product is the Tea tree black head exfoliating wash, now this would be a great teenage purchase, as tea tree is amazing for targeting spots, and because it works on removing black heads its something I would have jumped at aged 14+, the product instantly overwhelms you with the tea tree smell, the consistency is pretty thick, and it uses beads to get in to the nooks and crevices of your T zone. However one thing I found, for a blackhead clearing wash it was quite gentle, I felt like it fully cleansed and nourished my skin, however I felt the product wasn’t gritty enough to tackle deep down dirt, in comparison to clean and clears black head cleanser, which is a lot more gritty and effective, it just didn’t fit the bill for that purpose.

The second product was the tea tree blemish fade night lotion, this is little tub of goodness left my skin feeling silky smooth and much clearer looking the next morning. I just rub a small amount all over the face after I would moisturize, sleep on it then notice that my blemishes (spots, redness) looked slightly less harsh, and taken care of. A great product for trouble some skin, however I wouldn’t use this too often as the product was quite strong and felt like it worked deep into the skin.

Lastly the Tea tree concealer, this was a bit of a disappointment if I’m honest, and will teach me to not buy makeup from the tea tree range again, it claims that it is concealer that’s good for your skin, as it has tea tree extracts within it, however I just found that it left my skin looking dry and streaky, not really a great makeup product compared to other concealers.  I thought because it was from the tea tree collection it might be a surprise purchase and do my skin some good, however I was wrong and it just left me disappointed and patchy, the color was also too dark for my skin tone and just didn’t do anything in the way of 'concealing’.

On the Raz

Skirt- Primark, £5.00
Shoes- River Island, £15.00


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Boots Botanics Review

I really do not need any more skincare products, if you saw the amount of cleansers exfoliators and random moisturisers I have stashed in my draws you would also agree, however I believe that taking care of your skin is the key to a healthy and clear complexion, and with all these new brands and products flying around I just cant help myself once I catch my eye on something new. This week it was the boots botanics range, I have never actually tried any of this skincare line, I know that it has been raved about by many beauty experts and gurus, however I have also heard that the packaging and formulas have changed which caused some uproar, so after all the controversy on the range I decided to give it a go and see what the fuss was about.

I bought the Botanics all brightening face purifying scrub, this immediately caught my eye because the word 'exfoliator' was nowhere to be seen, and the words 'all bright' and 'buff' somehow grabbed my attention. This is a very effective product, it has many qualities and good affects for your skin, The product uses refined walnut shell (random) to buff away dead skin cells whilst also using crushed apricot seeds to gentry sweep away impurities, so you cant argue that this product is not organic! The consistency is slightly less thicker than normal scrubs and doesn’t use harsh beads which irritate the skin, after the first use it left me with a shiny new layer which felt and looked refreshed, its almost doubles up as a cleanser as it leaves me skin looking clean and makeup free, this cost me just £2.49 which is ridiculous as its such a great product, I would purchase this again once i run out!

I also invested in the radiant youth serum, at £7.99 it’s slightly more expensive than other products from the range, you only really need a small amount, so if you are frugal with it should last you. I have never owned a serum before, but have heard many reviews on the stuff that it has become a Holy Grail product for other beauty gurus. It claims to 'boost luminosity in two weeks' and also uses many organic and feel good ingredients within the product. Like any other serum  it is used as a step in-between toning and moisturising, it has a slightly thin consistency and absorbs fairy quickly. I tend to use it just at night so it absorbs whilst I sleep, however you can use it morning and night if you fancy. 

I work it into the skin paying more attention to the eye area, It claims that it works on wrinkles whilst brightening your face, because I am only young I haven’t noticed an affect with the wrinkles, however I have noticed that it does leave my complexion brighter, when I wake up my face has a natural glow to it, So I would recommend this product if you want a brighter healthier complexion, however if you wanted to try any other serums that cater more towards wrinkles then I'd have a scan around as their are many more serums on the market which cater to older skin.


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Winter Trend: Faux Fur Headbands

I absolutely adore this winter trend and am so happy that its become such a phenomenon this winter, move over bobble hats as these beauties keep your ears and head cosy whilst looking uber chic at the same time. I own two headbands a grey stripy one which is a bit thinner and smaller on the head which was £7.00 from TK max and a much thicker and wider light and dark shaded grey headband which was £10.00 from an independent boutique. 

I love both just as much as the other, however I find the (top picture) lighter grey one is a tad more wearable as its smaller and fits my head better, however if I’m feeling brave or its pretty chilly outside I go for my thicker boutique headband. I just think this head wear trend is one that will always be loved and worn so well by many fashionista’s, it adds a touch of class and style to any winter outfit and keeps your head just as cosy as any knitted hat would, a great purchase if your looking for something to keep your ears warm whilst looking fabulous this winter.


Friday, 18 January 2013

My Winter Tanning Routine feat, Doves Summer Glow!


Its no secret that when January rolls around every inch of happiness is slowly zapped from us, whether it be that depressing trek back to work after the festive season, looking worse for wear as a result of the winter sniffles, or simply feeling low as the new year resolutions don’t quite go to plan, it is purely evident we all need a little pick me up to get through the next few months. 

The A-list seem to be making it even harder for us to get back into a regular routine and to remain body confident, as we sip on our lattes and slip on cosy socks, celebrity’s are jetting off to various tropical locations in a bid to get away from these harrowing winter months. Tweeting body shots while they catch some rays can make us feel even more down in the dumps (thanks guys!) and it makes us feel paler than ever which doesn’t bode well with our overly lumpy bits after the Christmas season (humph).

However much it may not in anyway be on par with lying on a sun lounger all day, I’ve found that this winter doesn’t have to be one where we stick to full body armour and cover up our legs like our life depends on it. Why cover our selves up just because we feel like it’s that time of year where no man wants to see woman’s white bits? There is something else, fake tan! Well gradual tan... I have discovered the way to make yourself feel a little more like you over the next few months, sod all other resolutions and get your tan on! 

Over Christmas and at the moment I have been in a great routine of using a gradual tan to keep myself feeling relatively happy about my body, who says January isn’t a party month? With doves summer glow gradual tan it sure can be! Voted No1 gradual tanner in Britain, and a product that I have abided by for many years, it really does do the trick in creating that winter glow in minutes. The product acts as a tanner and moisturizer in one, and I love it so much that I have aborted my much loved St moritz, which I used for many years for quick touch ups before nights out, but the dreadful smell of the stuff after a night out left me wanting to try something new, something that wouldn’t get so streaky, smelly and dry on the skin, so I discovered this little beauty. I honestly feel that gradual tan is the best way to go, instant is great if your in a rush, but if you have a little time, why not pamper your self and go all the way with a scrub a rich body butter to start anew and make way for your tan.

The dove moisturizer is great as it doesn’t leave that horrid biscuit smell, don’t get me wrong, it does smell slightly more tanny than any other moisturizer, but in no way does it match up to the smell of an instant, it has a much more fresh and fruity scent to it, which is bearable and actually ok to have on. You can purchase this in two shades, light to medium, and medium to dark, I get the medium to dark as I felt the lighter one took a lot more application and effort to get a nice tanned skin tone, in the end I decided just to get the darker one and get a much faster tan, the smell does not differ with the different shades, it just depends on skin tone and what type of shade you prefer. The lotion is easy to apply as you do not need a tanning mitt as remember it is a moisturiser, just apply with finger and rub in, the lotion is easily absorbed, however be sure to rub in well as it may leave a few patchy areas, but it wont do that unless you just leave a blob lying on a patch of skin you've forgotten about. The product has a thin consistency, but can feel slightly sticky on the skin when first applied so I would take a couple of minutes for it to absorb properly. However after the first application you see an instant effect, your skin has a lovely healthy glow to it and you look a lot more fresh and ready to face the day. 

My tanning routine goes something along the lines of this, Firstly I have a bath or shower and I use my body shop scrub in coco all over my skin, I apply this with a hand mitt which really gets rid of all those dead skin cells to make way for the tan to apply on fresh soft skin, I then rinse off and when I get out of the shower I apply my body shop body butter over dry areas of my body, so hips, chest, knees and thighs, be sure not to apply this all over as it may leave your skin feeling slightly greasy if you add the tan too. I then apply my gradual tan after the butter has absorbed thoroughly, I apply everywhere, even my face (that is why I always look so tanned) if you would prefer to buy a separate face tanner be my guest, however this lotion does work just as well on the face and doesn’t clog up pores like an instant would do, as remember it acts as a moisturizer too, and so it won't harm or leave your skin feeling dry and patchy. I do this routine of an evening before bed, to let the tan properly absorb while I’m sleeping, then when you wake up I guarantee you will feel like a new woman! 

I have used other gradual tanners such as Garnier and Johnsons summer body, however I felt this was the best for a natrual finish and long lasting colour. The Tan is available from many stores including Superdrug boots and online, it is priced at a measly £4.99 which is a great price for such a fantastic and feel good product, the body butter is usually priced at £12.00 however I got mine for £6.00 in the Jan sales! And the coco scrub came as part of a pack but I believe it is priced at £12.50 for a large tub and £6.25 for the smaller one.

Anyway ladies I hope this review helped you to get rid of those winter blues, and realize that there is life beyond this notoriously depressing month, whether your off to a party or your boyfriends feel good about yourself and be body confident with Dove!

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