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Friday, 29 March 2013

Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion

Lush 9 to 5 Cleansing Lotion- £4.75

'Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen? Then this quick cleanser is the thing for you! A simple yet beautiful liquid facial cleanser for those times when you’re in a hurry and need to just cleanse and go. We make this by steeping fresh dove orchids in almond oil overnight – then strain the petals out and use the infused oil as the base for this cleanser. 

Contains a lovely light fragrance of honeysuckle and ylang ylang. 9 to 5 will gently remove all traces of dirt, grease and make up without dragging the skin. You will be left feeling fresh, clean and ready to start the day. Although you might also want to pour yourself a cup of ambition.'- Lush

I have never really been one for buying lush products, don’t get me wrong, I love a little browse in the store, taking in the sweet soapy smell, feasting my eyes on the bright colours and amazing looking bath bombs, however I’ve never really felt the urge to buy their products. I’ve just started to run out of my Liz Earle cleanser and toner, and even though i love them dearly and anticipated re purchasing them, I couldn’t help but feel like I should try something new- especially being a blogger, I wanted to try something new to write about. I was considering testing out some of the body shops face care lotions and potions, as they seemed to look alright, and were under the £10 mark (I wanted to go for something a little cheaper than the Liz Earle set) but then I realized that i'd been there and done that, so then it hit me that the place I hadn’t yet dabbled within was of course- lush! 

So I took a trip to my local lush branch, and had a little gander, however one things for certain in the lush shops, and that is that I never have a clue what I’m looking at, what the items do and what my skin should be using. However much I love the ethos of the place, its all a bit 'in your face' and finding the right skincare products can seem a little daunting, to my rescue was a lovely and helpful sales assistant who talked me through their most popular cleansers and toners, and she recommended 9 to 5 Cleanser, which is a lotion based product, and is a simple yet highly effective cleanser.

The idea of this product is that its quick and simple, and great for woman on the go or have little time to get ready, now Im never usually in a rush in the mornings, but I thought id give this ago for sheer curiosity. Now I’ve only been using this product a couple of days but I have already fallen in love with it, the instructions read that you take a small amount and rub it in to the skin, and then wipe off with a cotton pad or flannel of some kind, this cleanser also takes off makeup, really easily might I add, it reminds me a lot like the Liz Earle cleanse and polish concept. The cream has a very pungent organic smell which is lovely, you instantly get a feeling that there are no harsh chemicals within the product, and that all the ingredients are natural.

 The consistency is quite thin, and it can be a bit of a messy job to put onto the face, but nothing major, after I smooth it in to the skin, I already feel rejuvenated, like my skin is having a big glass of water as it feels so moisturising and creamy, it also melts your makeup off instantly. I use this product morning and night and wipe it off with a cotton pad, I tend to use this product twice of an evening to ensure my makeup is fully off. After using this cleanser you are left with very clean, soft and subtle skin, which is so nice to touch and feel. This cleanser also leaves your skin smelling so organic and florally which is lovely, I then complete my skincare step with a spray of my toner from lush (review to follow) and I feel so fresh, like I’ve just had a full organic facial, one things for sure, after using this highly organic and 'kind to skin' product, I shan't be going back to drugstore cleansers and toners.


Thursday, 28 March 2013

La Roche-Posay I Rosaliac UV Legere- Anti Redness moisturiser

After witnessing so much buzz over La Roche-Posay products amongst the beauty community, I thought i'd finally see what all the fuss was about and get myself a few products. I popped off to my local boots (love how these products can be bought in a drugstore) and bought this moisturiser (and the Effaclar K, will review in another post) in the 3 for 2 offer. I chose this product because I was specifically looking for a moisuriser with SPF, now ideally I would prefer a higher protection, however this has done the trick whilst the weathers been a bit cooler as it has such a thick and moisturising consistency, but ideally id be looking at a SPF 30 for spring. 

The actual cream comes out in a greeny/blue color; I think this is mainly because this moisuriser is 'anti-redness' and so maybe this colour counteracts the redness on skin. Now I don’t have any brutal redness on my face, however my on one of my cheeks I have a pigmentation issue where my cheek stays red,  so this product just calms that cheek a little and makes my foundation look a lot more flawless and even.

I would suggest using this product over the colder months as its quite thick and durable, and you wouldn’t want to use it in the summer as you'd end up with such an oily t zone. This moistusier is okay, and does what it says on the tin, however I’m not sure whether I would re purchase it, as to be honest I think there are many other moisturisers for near enough the same price which may have a higher SPF and do more good for the skin. This product is priced at £9.00 which is reasonable, however a larger sized packaging wouldn’t go a miss.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The 'Barely there' Makeup Look

As university students break up for Easter and return to there homes to chill out, over eat and generally enjoy home comforts, I thought it right to talk about the makeup I tend to use for those slouchy days at home as a student myself. When your at home, you don’t really have anything to look amazing for, hence ending up only using about a quarter of your makeup bag. Whilst at university, being the beauty conscious person that I am, I would normally take around 20 minutes applying about 8 different makeup products to my face to make me look presentable for a day of lectures and browsing the shops. However when at home, I tend to cut that number down by a lot and just stick to a few lighter products. I use the holidays as a skin detox time, where I try and only wear a tiny bit of makeup- if any! So today I opted for a very light and subtle makeup look, as I only had one errand to run and so I didn’t need to plaster myself in the stuff, so I thought id share with you what I used.

For a skin base I applied my avene moisture cream with SPF 20, I have yet to review this moisturiser, but as the weathers taken a turn for the worst I wanted to keep my skin hydrated with this super soft, thick and moisturizing cream. The snow can cause more harm to your skin than you think, I’m not 100% sure but I think the sun reflects from the snow to your face much harsher and can harm your skin even more than usual (maybe want to look that one up) so its important to use SPF even in the cold, but yes this moisturiser just acts as a wonderful dewy base and keeps my skin hydrated all day long.

I then applied my natural collection tinted moistursier, this is such a wonderful product, and so cheap! I've been using this since I was about 13 and dabble in it occasionally, however today I wanted a very sheer and dewy cover so this is perfect, it doesn’t exactly conceal every area, but it leaves a lovely glow and tanned sheen on the skin without clogging pores, which is perfect for a lazy day. I then applied my Revlon cream blush in 'pinched' (will link review here) a very subtle and light colour just to keep my cheeks flushed and looking healthy, again I only used a touch, but I just find it lifts my face slightly.

And finally, without any eye shadow, eyeliner or highlight, I just applied a thin layer of rimmels scandal eyes mascara (review here), the great thing about this product is that one sweep is truly enough, and it doesn’t clump or look too thick, also only using a small amount equals to a quick and hassle free eye makeup removal at the end of the day.

So there you have it, my holiday, everyday 'barley there' makeup routine. All these products are drugstore and very affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank for a natural look.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Transitional Outfit #2 Primark Dress


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Maybelline Rocket Volume Express

This mascara is a recent purchase, and currently my most used product in my makeup bag. It is probably on par with rimmels scandal eyes, which was my previous favourite mascara. The brush is standard, with a plastic wand, it’s easy to grab every lash and create volume as well as length. The only downside about this product is it can leave your lashes with a few clumps, however I usually resolve this problem by separating them with a clean mascara wand. Maybelline, being famous for their amazing mascaras have scored again, and this is defiantly a top drugstore product for me ATM, I bought it when it was on offer for £5.99, a real bargain.


Monday, 18 March 2013

MUA Shimmer Highlighter

This shimmer highlighter from MUA is quickly becoming my favourite, go to highlighter of the moment. Priced at a mere £3.00 it is the cheapest yet most effective highlight I think I’ve ever used. It is part of the new collection for MUA, however these handful of products have been out for a few weeks now so isn’t really big news anymore. This product caught my eye instantly as I am a sucker for shimmery highlights, you can probably guess I love my glowy and dewy skin finish from most of my photos, so I just had to have this product. 

It is of a powdery consistency, but doesn’t look too matte, and instantly gives your cheekbone a lovely glowy and shimmery finish and highlights the areas that need it most. I sometimes prefer liquid form highlights, as they tend to have a bit more of a dewy finish, however this product, although a powder seems to do exactly the same and I just fall in love with it each time I use it. Compared to the likes of top shops highlighters, like 'moonbeam' the pigmentation, effect and colour is so similar, and your paying a fraction of the price for this one, which is a definite Pro to purchasing this item.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Skincare Picks #1

Liz Earle Instant Boost skin Tonic- This a brilliant product, its refreshing, smells amazing and leaves my skin somehow already moisturised and fresh. I have previously reviewed this product and will leave the link here, its great in conjunction with the other Liz Earle step system, however it’s also fab with other branded skin products, a win win product if you ask me.

La Roche Posay Effeclar K- This was a bit of an impulsive purchase whilst boots had their '3 for 2' offer on. This product acts as a serum on the skin, and is targeted at clogged skin with slight redness. I don’t have breakouts, however I am wary of my pores on my nose, and some red patch’s on my skin. This product just tames the skin a bit more, and I have noticed my foundation looks a lot more flawless on the skin after using this in the morning.

La Roche Posay Rosaliac UV- Basically just a moisturiser with UV protection. As its getting warmer and we're approaching spring, I wanted to invest in a good moisturiser with SPF. This specific one is catered to skin with redness, which is kind of of my skintype, however I predominantly like it for its lasting moisturised finish on the skin.

Clinique Moisture Surge- A little sample size I received as part of a gift set, this little wonder product does amazing things for dry, coarse skin. Great for winter, it revives my skin and leaves it moisturised all day long. I use it mainly in the evening, as it doesn’t have SPF.

Origins Drink up intensive- This is a recent purchase, I gave in to the hype and decided to invest, and oh how please I am that I did. This product is amazing, I have never tried an overnight mask before but they are excellent. The smell for starters is so fruity and fresh. It sinks instantly into my skin and I’m left the next morning with a glowing, fresh and moisturised face, which is a nice change.

Alien radiant body lotion- This came with an alien perfume I was bought for Christmas, and its so lovely. I apply it to the collarbone and wrist, as it has a strong perfume scent to it. It leaves such a glowing finish and just really enhances the chest area, also great for a night out.

Clinique all about eyes, de puffing roll on- Again, another product as part of a gift set, this nifty little product revives eyes in 5 seconds, just roll on and watch your under eye bags disappear.

Boots Vitamin E eye cream- With 15 UVA/UVB this product is fabulous for keeping those wrinkles at bay, I use this in the day if I’m planning on being outside for some time. It sinks into the eye area instantly, and leaves the skin moisturised and protected.

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