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Friday, 31 May 2013


I think I may have only bought two products from the soap and glory line in the past; I’ve never really been drawn to the collection, maybe because I felt the prices of the products were a little high for the look of them. However after hearing a few people buzz over certain facial products from both the skincare and the makeup line I thought I would have a little browse at the stand whilst on a boots run. This skincare product caught my eye straight away, the words 'facial peel' and 'pores' seemed to echo loudly through my mind and I found myself grabbing it without a second thought. This product is a facial peel, similar to a face mask, you can either use it as a deep cleansing 15 minute peel or a quick 5-minute fix. 

The idea is that the product refines your pores rather than instantly removing blackheads. Yes it would be great if we could all find that miracle product that with one use would totally vanish any sign of blackheads, however this unfortunately is not an option for someone on a budget, however this product actually has a great concept as it prevents blackheads and spots by reducing the pore size and making them less visible. The texture of the product is very mask like, with a thick consistency, it contains green beads which must be massaged through the skin until they are no longer visible, focusing on the Tzone area, you apply the cream by massaging it into the skin rather than just slapping it on, this gives the feeling that your skin is getting an extra good cleanse and the beads are able to sink deep into the skin. 

I’ve only used this product once, hence the first impressions title, I left it on for 15 minutes then washed off with a warm flannel and my skin felt a lot tighter and smoother, I wouldn’t say I noticed an instant difference with the pore size, however the skin around my nose and forehead area felt more refined and tight, perhaps this is a product which takes a few uses to notice any difference. Overall though I think this is a effective, innovative product, which targets both pores, and the complexion of the skin, almost like an exfoliator and mask in one. The smell is very neutral and masky and the amount of product you receive within the tub is generous. Over all a thumbs up from me, I’m looking forward to my second use of this.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Each time I purchase one of Samantha chapman’s real techniques makeup brushes I am absolutely baffled by the sheer quality and softness of the bristles. The two I already own and use daily are the stippling brush and the expert face brush, which are both amazing in applying foundation for that seamless and natural, buildable finish. I bought this blush brush from the line a few weeks back now and have used it every day since, the bristles are so soft on the skin, and it applies both cream and powder blush effortlessly and precisely. The domed head gives that precise finish and allows you to apply the blush straight onto the apples and sweep up toward the temple. I also use it for contouring (although there is a separate contour brush in the line for this job) this works fab as the shape of the brush, when used lightly, gives you that bronze glow in the hollows of cheeks without looking overdone. The brush is priced at roughly £10.00, although this may seem a hefty amount, it is a great piece to have within your collection, especially as I’ve been after a new and innovative blush brush for a while.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Its no undisclosed fact within the beauty community that the secret behind glowing and squeaky clean skin is an effective hot cloth cleanser, and these two that I have picked out are especially amazing, and my ultimate faves in the cleanser department.

Now most of you will have heard countless reviews of the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser previously, even I have reviewed it (link here) however I thought I would write about it in comparison to a more affordable hot cloth cleanser, this is where I introduce super drugs 'naturally radiant' brightening hot cloth cleanser, which is priced at a very measly £2.99. Both cleansers are amazing at cleaning off makeup, grime and dead skin cells ready for a fresh and glowing complexion, The Liz Earle cleanser is priced at £13.25 which isn’t going to break the bank, however there is quite a price gap in-between both similar products so I thought I would share my thoughts on them.

The Superdrug cleanser differs to Liz Earle, as the consistency is much finer and runnier, because of this it is a little harder to control and rub into the skin, however it does completely melt off makeup in exactly the same way the Liz Earle does, and so this was a winning point for me. The muslin cloth, however could be a little, harsher? I’m not sure if its just me, but compared to the Liz Earle cloth this it just doesn’t seem to have the same feeling on the skin, it does take off makeup easily, however I don’t get that invigorating polish that Liz Earles cloth does for me.

 The smell of the Superdrug cleanser is very comparable to that of Liz Earle, with an herbal, fresh scent they are similar ingredients wise, however i'm pretty sure the Liz Earle uses all natural ingredients where as the Superdrug is a litter, soapier. However what I love about the Superdrug hot cloth cleanser is the after effect, my skin feels so subtle and looks radiant, which is a winning bonus for me.

Overall, I would say that both cleansers have there good points and there bad, if I was to be honest, I would go for the Liz Earle over the Superdrug cleanser only because It has always been my number one, go-to cleanser. However, for the price, the Superdrug is such a great product, and If you are on a budget its definitely worth going for the cheaper option as there aren’t many distinct differences between the two. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


I've been getting back into my Clinique mascara this past week, I received it as part of a bonus pack, and this is the sample size, I just love it as it actually lives up to its name, the result is 'high impact' and gives each lash amazing length. It doesn’t really do much volumising as such, but I find it leaves a more natural finish, for a day look. This product is alot like the Clinique high impact curling mascara however as you can see it lengthens rather than curls. I wouldn’t say this is the best mascara I’ve used, however I like it as it doesn’t clump or end up all over my brow, the wand is pretty simple as it uses bristles so it gets more product on the lashes, its just a great go-to mascara.

Monday, 6 May 2013


I love a glowing, fresh foundation look, and so after running out of my Revlon colourstay I decided to try something new, something with a more of a dewy finish. I opted for Bourjois healthy mix as I have heard so much hype over this foundation, and that it was the best for a dewy and glowing finish, some even compared it to Narrs glow (which I would love to try in the future) however at the affordable price of £10.00 this one has done the trick. The foundation I bought uses the new formulation, I have never used this foundation before and so I cant compare, but the finish is pretty, fresh and dewy, as well as giving a great coverage on the skin. This foundation is famous for its fruity and healthy ingredients, which I think is a major plus for the skin. The only down side, which is predominantly my fault, is the shade of the foundation, I think have miss judged my colour and opted for a much darker shade than I thought, as it is a tad to dark on my skin, however this was my own mistake, and I think if i was to be matched up correctly this would be my favourite foundation yet. 

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