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Friday, 30 August 2013


Summer is sadly coming to a close, and wow, what a month august has been on the beauty and weather front. I have collated a small-ish amount of products as part of my favourites post, however it was pretty hard picking them as I've literally loved so much this month, but this collection is by far my most used and most loved purchases from August.

I will start with clarins liquid bronze self tan for face, neck and collar bone area, I wont say too much, as i plan to do a separate blog post for this. I bought this product a while back from I think beauty bay? Or some other cheap beauty website for £16 when in shops its near £18. I had heard a lot of buzz around this product form vivianna does makeup and really wanted to give it a try since I’m such a fake tan fanatic. I love the gradual colour this gives, a lovely sun kissed look without the horrid smell, dry texture and streak marks. This is also fab, as it doesn’t block my pores, which is what I find the dove gradual tan does as it’s really for your body. I think using a fake tan made for your face is so important as the skin is much more delicate and is prone to blockage, so this is a winning product.

Garniers very popular BB cream was one of the first BB products to come out and so after the hype I really wanted to give this a go and I have been loving it over this heat wave.  I used this every evening on holiday replacing my foundation, and have also recently been using it instead of my MAC foundation, to calm my skin down.  This cream is much lighter than a foundation and doesn’t block my pores which is fab, The consistency is also much like a moisturiser and leaves a lovely dewy and natural finish on the skin.

My MAC soft and gentle highlighter is a product, which has recently become very popular on the blogosphere, and I 100% understand why! This stuff is amazing, (i also plan to do a separate post on this) it leaves the most beautiful dewy and glimmering sheen on your cheekbones, however its not too glittery, just gives the perfect glow to leave your complexion looking healthy and dewy.

My real techniques buffing brush is an item i have pretty much used every day since i bought it in late July, it is FAB. Amazing at applying foundation, powder, highlighter... practically everything, however i have been using it predominantly alongside my MAC studio fix foundation, the two work so well together and this brush leaves you with a seamless and flawless finish in just about no time.

I have been re-loving my la Roche posy effeclar K recently; this is a serum like product, which tackles oiliness and spot prone skin. I dab a bit over my tone area in the evening and it seems to sort out my excess oil and block pores in no time. I love this as it is pretty hard working and i find a small amount goes a long way, its just something which keeps my skin in line and not too oily or blotchy over the hot summer months.

My garnier face sun cream is a product I have been wearing this almost everyday since this heat wave season; it’s a fab cream for ensuring your skin is fully protected and also really well moisturised. This product is for your face and so it isn’t to white or heavy and can be worn under makeup daily. I usually wear moisturisers with SPF in them, however I feel like because this is sun cream it protects my skin that little bit more, its also a great size for on the go use.

I recently blogged about my beauty UK highbrow kit, i have used this to death for creating a subtle Smokey eye. I use this pretty much everyday, either on my brows or just to shadow my lid, the two colours i love are the 2 on the left, as they are the perfect neutral shades for everyday use.

My rimmel lipstick in the shade oxford circus is the perfect everyday pink, and i have been wearing this non-stop, on nights out, to work even for meals out, its a nice colour to wear and not too much effort to maintain. I ama a big fan of rimmel lipsticks, and this one is very moisturising and leaves the perfect understated colour when blotted.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


I purchased this collection 2000 gel eyeliner from my local boots store the other week, I have to say I have never actually used a gel eyeliner before so was quite excited to try this one out, I specifically wanted one which wouldn’t break the bank, so this little beauty at around £3.00 is the perfect product. I now see why many beauty gurus and beauty readers swear by a gel eyeliner, they are just fab, if you have a good angled brush to apply it with (this product came with a little one but I’m using my real techniques brush) it spreads on a dream. As you can see on my hand, the pigmentation is amazing and so black, and once it is on the eye it doesn’t budge all day, amazing.

I found that this gel eyeliner was surprisingly easy to apply and looked really effective on the lid, much more dramatic than a pencil eyeliner, quite 60's even. To apply I literally dipped my brush into the pot, packed on a bit of product and basically carefully lined by lash line with it, however you must be careful not to make it too thick otherwise it looks a bit silly and just too OTT, and it is a bugger to try and rub off. I know I cant compare this to other gel eyeliners however I can say with confidence that this product has made me convert to gel, its quick, simple to apply, and looks so good on the lid. This one was pretty cheap, and I may think about looking into a more high end one in the future, but for now this will do the job, and for the amount of product you get and pigmentation, it really is worth the money.


Saturday, 24 August 2013


You know, when your pay day is weekly, it gets significantly harder to resist the urge of a good old shopping spree, this happened last week and I ended up buying myself a few new items, two of which were from the LUSH store. Now Lush is a place I rarely visit, and I’m not too sure why as there stuff always comes out amazing, I predominantly wanted to try their lush bath ballistics, as after hearing so much about these wonderfully pretty products, and seeing so many pictures I thought i'd finally treat myself to one and see what the fuss was all about. 

I went for ‘think pink’, which the very friendly sales assistant suggested i buy since this was there most popular and cheapest at £2.50, I actually used this in the bath that evening, and thought it was a lovely treat, however For me, I don’t think i would re purchase, as I’m not one of those people that hoard lush bath products, and would just have this as an occasional treat. This bath bomb was quite the novelty, with a pretty light pink colour complete with cute icing like flowers; it is the perfect bath time treat, or gift idea for a friend. I popped it in my bath, it took a while to completely fizz out, but what was nice was that it let off lots of tiny fabric hearts which made the bath look uber cute, the smell was very sweet and floral with a hint of lavender, and the substance seemed to leave my skin smelling very fragrant, so no need for an extra soap wash. However I didn’t find think it left my skin very soft, it felt quite supple, but I definitely needed a good thick body cream to apply after.

The second item I bought was one of LUSH'S most popular fresh face masks, brazened honey, this is a hard working mask, which targets skin that needs a good overhaul and a deep cleanse. With key ingredients such as almond and honey, and an amazingly organic and natural texture and smell, there was no doubt that this face mask would rejuvenate my skin, and oh how it prevailed. This stuff was amazing, and it has definitely topped any masks i've tried previous, the texture was just so gritty it felt like rubbing literal ground up food/nuts/honey onto my face, the texture made my skin feel so good and It felt like i was getting a great deep cleanse, without that horrid burning sensation.

The smell is quite overpowering but to me, that’s a sign that it’s all organic ingredients, I left this on for 15 minutes, and i found that my skin looked amazing after, my pores looked refined, my skin glowed and it just felt so fresh and clean. I could visibly see a difference in my skin as a before and after, it seemed to just lift my complexion and give my skin a damn good overhaul. I would probably only use this once a week, as this stuff is so hardworking you wouldn’t need it too often, at only £5.95 i will 100% be repurchasing this, or perhaps another one of their masks.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013


So I have another lip product post for you this evening, and yes I realise I’m going a bit cray cray for a bright pink lip recently, but i couldn’t not buy this amazing fuchsia lipstick from the Kate moss line for rimmel. I bought it a few weeks back now and have been meaning to blog about it for ages, I fell in love with the colour as soon as I swatched it in boots, its the perfect bright pink, almost a mixed dupe of MACs candy yum yum and girl about town. The pigmentation is just amazing, and one sweep on the lips is enough for that hot pink colour.

I have been loving the Kate line for Rimmel; all the colours are perfect and so gorgeous close to that of bigger and more expensive makeup brands. This lipstick is fairly long-lasting, however I do find it rubs off quite easily when im eating or drinking, which means im constantly reapplying and checking my lips/teeth in the mirror. Wearing a colour like this is a bit of a chore, but i just couldn't resist purchasing it because the shade makes me so happy, and even if i don’t end up wearing it everyday i can just enjoy it on special occasions. 

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Monday, 19 August 2013


I am a firm follower of the Liz Earle skincare brand, I've used their products since I first heard about them from the incredible hype around their popular 'cleanse and polish'. Recently, on the hunt for a new toner, and telling my self to ‘try new brands’, I of course ended up heading back to my favourite and most trusted stand, and re-purchased the Liz Earle toner.

At just £13.25 this is such an amazing, and natural toning tonic and 200ml is a generous amount too. I was previously using a lush spritz tonic, however I cant deny that the Liz Earle one is my ultimate favourite, for sheer clarity that its a highly natural and gentle product. With naturally active ingredients such as aloe Vera, cucumber, vitamin E etc, theirs no guilt when putting this on your skin.

This toner is like any other, which is to be swept over the face after cleansing and before moisturising to ensure all residue of cleanser/ makeup is off, as well as leaving the skin revitalized and hydrated. I find that this stuff is so refreshing; it lets my skin breathe and look so clean and fresh, without that tight feeling. The smell is very fresh and spa-like, and your left with the knowledge that this has amazing ingredients just from a whiff. Its not hash at all, and i like to sweep it over my eye area, knowing that it wont sting them as its so gentle.

This product is probably my number 1 toner, if not, one of my top skincare products ever. Its the perfect step to ensure your skin is amazingly clean and getting all the good stuff it deserves, I follow with Liz Earle moisturiser to complete my routine.

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