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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Beauty: MAC cream colour base in Luna Frost

If you know me, you will know that I am pretty much obsessed with highlighter. I literally have so many different types of the stuff, from high end to low end, powder to cream... I am the highlight queen. Todays post is a review of MACs cream colour base in Luna, which is a frost finish; I’m not too certain, but I think this is a kind of multitasking product, as the lady at the till said she used it under her foundation, however this works perfectly for me as a skin highlighter. I have previously dabbled with mac highlighters, purchasing the Soft and gentle skin finish, yet as nice of a sheen it gives, I have come to the conclusion that I don't really like the finish of powder highlighters. Personally I think using a cream highlight looks a lot more natural and glowing on the skin as opposed to powders, which tend to accentuate lines, pores and kind of just sit on the skin and look heavy. This highlight is pretty white, Frost is macs whitest shade, and however I quite like the whiteness as it gives such a gorgeous frosty glow to the cheekbones. The consistency is very creamy and pigmented and the product size is fairly generous. This is probably my current and maybe all time favourite highlight, I have yet to try the range of benefit highlights, so they may well be a new favourite, but for now this one is my fave and the perfect finish for a dewy and glowing makeup look.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Style: Jack Wills Underwear

This post is a little different to what you may usually read on other beauty blogs, I have decided to review the Jack Wills ‘Hartford Boypant’ knickers that I kindly received for my birthday last month- the reason being that I simply love them and can't take them off- too much information? I have never really been one to shop in Jack Wills; it’s just not really my thing, yet for some reason I have always hankered after their underwear for being so cute and boyish. I think the main reason I love them so much, and wanted to feature them on my blog is for the sheer comfort and quality of them, the cotton is so soft on the skin and the classic jack wills band (which is also so cute) makes them so comfortable to wear everyday. I am a bit of a sucker for the classic Jack Wills navy and pink striped design, but also the blue pair are just as cute and make me look a little more tanned than usual. I have them in a size 8 and they fit perfectly and look very flattering on the behind (if I do say so myself)...they are priced at £9.50 on the Jack Wills website, but I do believe that they were in the sale when bought for my birthday. Quite a high price to pay, but the quality and comfort is so amazing that actually, I would probably spend that on them myself. 
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Friday, 22 August 2014

Skincare: Lush Mask of magnaminty review

I'm not a stranger to a good face mask, and this one in particular is my go-to mask of the moment. Mask of Magnanimity is a Lush face and back pack, and is one their more popular products for targeting dull and acne-prone skin. I love this facemask, predominantly for its incredibly minty and fresh smell and feel on the skin. Made with peppermint, this super fresh mask goes on a treat after a long and tiring week, just slather a generous amount all over the face, leave on for 10 minutes and your skin will feel so revived and fresh afterwards. Targeting troublesome and spotty skin, it will works wonders in keeping your spots at bay, however if you have tip-top skin, it can also multitask and work great as a quick and easy boost for skin that needs a little pep up. The consistency is very 'Lush': lumpy, bumpy and jam packed with natural and fresh ingredients, which essentially gives you peace of mind that there are no harsh chemicals in the product. This is priced at around £5.00, which I don't feel is a high price to pay considering its a good all rounder face mask, that can be used as a heavy duty spot zapper, or just a weekly refreshing indulgence.
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Skincare: KIEHLS Ultra Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30

I’m quite fond of Kiehl’s products. They do come with quite a weighty price tag, but damn the products sure do work some magic. My recent purchase from the brand was this ultra facial moisturiser, I was in the market for a new day to day cream, something with SPF for these late summer months, but something also super moisturising and long lasting, and this little wonder product has really packed a punch and has quickly become my go-to daily moisturiser. I am a big fan of SPF and even when the sun hides behind the clouds, those rays can still catch you out, so it’s vital to incorporate an SPF all year round, in my opinion. 

This product is apparently for all skin types, which is great as it means people with sensitive, dry or oily skin can be protected too. The consistency is fairly thick and white, yet considering its packed with a generous SPF of 30, i wasn’t surprised when it went on a little too much like sun-cream... however it soon rubs in and feels ever so soft and supple on the skin. This product is priced at £24.50, which again is pretty pricey, but I feel for the amount of product you receive, and the fact you can take comfort in the knowing it’s protecting you from the sun really gives you your moneys worth. You can also buy it without SPF, which is an option for those of you with an SPF in your foundation, or those of you who just ain’t arsed about ageing.


Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hair: Bleach London Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

Me and my hair have a very complicated relationship. Some days I’m loving the colour, the thickness and the length...other days I cannot stand to even look at the dry, frizzy mess, its a never ending battle. However one things for sure, I wouldn’t be without a bit of purple shampoo to keep myself feeling content with my colour. 

I've had my hair highlighted since about 19 and I get them done twice a year. I realise your supposed to go every 6 weeks, but for me that works out far to expensive and far to damaging, so twice is enough for me, especially when I have products like bleach London’s purple shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair looking frosty as hell! I purchased these items from boots about 5 weeks ago now, and they have honestly been a godsend for my hair, keeping the colour in check and the brassy-ness at bay. 

The idea behind the purple shampoo is that the pigmentation counteracts any brassy/yellowy tones that us girls tend to get after the first few weeks of having our hair done, and I cant stomach these tones, if my hair looks the slightest bit brassy I’m on the purple shampoo like a fly to shit. I have tried various other purple shampoos, predominantly re-purchasing that cheap one from savers, yet since using bleach London, I don’t think i'd ever really try anything else as these products do the job so well compared to others. 

The price is around 5 quid for each bottle, they are a little more expensive than your average shampoo however the pigmentation is insane, and after just one wash my hair looks so frosty and brassy tones are removed. I would probably say that its not vital to purchase the conditioner, as the shampoo does most of the work, however I do like to use at as I feel they work as a double act, as the conditioner just gives you that nourishing feel for your hair. The products are pretty pigmented, you I suggest you only use them once or twice a week. I made the mistake of using them every time I washed my hair at University, and came out with random violet strands where the bleached hair had picked up the shampoo a little too heavily, but use them once a week and your hair will be looking crisp and fresh without damaging your locks or overdoing the bleached look.
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