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Hair: Bleach London Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

Me and my hair have a very complicated relationship. Some days I’m loving the colour, the thickness and the length...other days I cannot stand to even look at the dry, frizzy mess, its a never ending battle. However one things for sure, I wouldn’t be without a bit of purple shampoo to keep myself feeling content with my colour. 

I've had my hair highlighted since about 19 and I get them done twice a year. I realise your supposed to go every 6 weeks, but for me that works out far to expensive and far to damaging, so twice is enough for me, especially when I have products like bleach London’s purple shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair looking frosty as hell! I purchased these items from boots about 5 weeks ago now, and they have honestly been a godsend for my hair, keeping the colour in check and the brassy-ness at bay. 

The idea behind the purple shampoo is that the pigmentation counteracts any brassy/yellowy tones that us girls tend to get after the first few weeks of having our hair done, and I cant stomach these tones, if my hair looks the slightest bit brassy I’m on the purple shampoo like a fly to shit. I have tried various other purple shampoos, predominantly re-purchasing that cheap one from savers, yet since using bleach London, I don’t think i'd ever really try anything else as these products do the job so well compared to others. 

The price is around 5 quid for each bottle, they are a little more expensive than your average shampoo however the pigmentation is insane, and after just one wash my hair looks so frosty and brassy tones are removed. I would probably say that its not vital to purchase the conditioner, as the shampoo does most of the work, however I do like to use at as I feel they work as a double act, as the conditioner just gives you that nourishing feel for your hair. The products are pretty pigmented, you I suggest you only use them once or twice a week. I made the mistake of using them every time I washed my hair at University, and came out with random violet strands where the bleached hair had picked up the shampoo a little too heavily, but use them once a week and your hair will be looking crisp and fresh without damaging your locks or overdoing the bleached look.

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