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Skincare: KIEHLS Ultra Facial Moisturiser with SPF 30

I’m quite fond of Kiehl’s products. They do come with quite a weighty price tag, but damn the products sure do work some magic. My recent purchase from the brand was this ultra facial moisturiser, I was in the market for a new day to day cream, something with SPF for these late summer months, but something also super moisturising and long lasting, and this little wonder product has really packed a punch and has quickly become my go-to daily moisturiser. I am a big fan of SPF and even when the sun hides behind the clouds, those rays can still catch you out, so it’s vital to incorporate an SPF all year round, in my opinion. 

This product is apparently for all skin types, which is great as it means people with sensitive, dry or oily skin can be protected too. The consistency is fairly thick and white, yet considering its packed with a generous SPF of 30, i wasn’t surprised when it went on a little too much like sun-cream... however it soon rubs in and feels ever so soft and supple on the skin. This product is priced at £24.50, which again is pretty pricey, but I feel for the amount of product you receive, and the fact you can take comfort in the knowing it’s protecting you from the sun really gives you your moneys worth. You can also buy it without SPF, which is an option for those of you with an SPF in your foundation, or those of you who just ain’t arsed about ageing.


rachel flynn said...

#arsedaboutageing lmao

Helen said...

hahaha u little shit

Helen said...

im so brutal haha

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