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Skincare: Lush Mask of magnaminty review

I'm not a stranger to a good face mask, and this one in particular is my go-to mask of the moment. Mask of Magnanimity is a Lush face and back pack, and is one their more popular products for targeting dull and acne-prone skin. I love this facemask, predominantly for its incredibly minty and fresh smell and feel on the skin. Made with peppermint, this super fresh mask goes on a treat after a long and tiring week, just slather a generous amount all over the face, leave on for 10 minutes and your skin will feel so revived and fresh afterwards. Targeting troublesome and spotty skin, it will works wonders in keeping your spots at bay, however if you have tip-top skin, it can also multitask and work great as a quick and easy boost for skin that needs a little pep up. The consistency is very 'Lush': lumpy, bumpy and jam packed with natural and fresh ingredients, which essentially gives you peace of mind that there are no harsh chemicals in the product. This is priced at around £5.00, which I don't feel is a high price to pay considering its a good all rounder face mask, that can be used as a heavy duty spot zapper, or just a weekly refreshing indulgence.

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