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Style: Jack Wills Underwear

This post is a little different to what you may usually read on other beauty blogs, I have decided to review the Jack Wills ‘Hartford Boypant’ knickers that I kindly received for my birthday last month- the reason being that I simply love them and can't take them off- too much information? I have never really been one to shop in Jack Wills; it’s just not really my thing, yet for some reason I have always hankered after their underwear for being so cute and boyish. I think the main reason I love them so much, and wanted to feature them on my blog is for the sheer comfort and quality of them, the cotton is so soft on the skin and the classic jack wills band (which is also so cute) makes them so comfortable to wear everyday. I am a bit of a sucker for the classic Jack Wills navy and pink striped design, but also the blue pair are just as cute and make me look a little more tanned than usual. I have them in a size 8 and they fit perfectly and look very flattering on the behind (if I do say so myself)...they are priced at £9.50 on the Jack Wills website, but I do believe that they were in the sale when bought for my birthday. Quite a high price to pay, but the quality and comfort is so amazing that actually, I would probably spend that on them myself. 

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