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Beauty: Mac Uninterrupted Long-wear Eyeshadow

I featured this product in my recent beauty faves post simply because I am using it everyday and am just in love with the colour. I have been lusting after MAC's uninterrupted long-wear eye shadow for quite some time, and I finally managed to grab it at the Mac store in Cambridge. For starters it comes in much larger packaging than the usual eye shadows which is really good value for money as it will set you back about £16. I am just all over this eye shadow at the moment, and I don’t think I’ve worn any other shade for a long while. The colour is a very smouldering burnt orange-bronzed colour, and is just the perfect golden bronze to use day-to-day or for an evening out to get a really gorgeous yet subtle Smokey eye. I have transitioned from a black and silver Smokey eye to bronze as i feel that it looks a lot more natural and complements my eye colour much more. Another great thing about this colour is that you can use it as just a crease blending neutral colour, or like me, you can apply it all over the lid with no other shadow and just get a fabulous one tone eye look. I have been using it on its own and I find it doesn’t need any other colour as it works great alone. I apply it to my lid and blend it out, and for an added all over Smokey look I also apply it to my outer corners, under my eye line and in my inner corners. The trick is to blend all the time, so it looks even more Smokey and natural. I apply my MAC paint pot to the eye lid before I apply my shadow, this works great as an eye primer and just gives your lid a nice clean slate to apply the shadow, I also use my Real Techniques eye brush to apply and blend, so really its an all in one job!

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