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Beauty: My five must have make-up brushes

I know it may seem like this post is being sponsored by real techniques... but I promise its not, I just adore the real technique brushes and have yet to try any others! Oops. Today I will be giving you a short and sweet round up of my five must have make up brushes. 

1. The Real Techniques powder brush:
If you have oily skin like me, it is essential to invest in a decent powder brush. This one is fabulous as it has a massive head of bristles so it can be quickly swept across the whole of your face, ensuring that the product is well into your T-zone keeping you super matte all day long. The brush fibres are super soft so there’s no harsh feeling when you use it, and thankfully they don’t tend to shed so it doesn’t leave you picking off the bristles left all over your skin (I hate that with a passion) 

2. The Buffing brush:
This is my all time favourite makeup brush, use this to apply your foundation and it will go on a dream and look super flawless. The good thing about this brush is because its got quite a wide barrel it means its super quick and easy to buff the foundation into the skin, and you will look flawless in about 3 minutes. I literally just apply foundation with this all over; working it in circular motions to ensure the foundation is well applied and looks natural. I always prefer these types of makeup brushes as opposed to those flat foundation brushes, as I find they leave streak marks and to me just don’t apply the makeup that well.

3. The contour Brush:
This is another essential brush if you want that model makeup finish. I use this with my sleek contour kit, using the deep brown contour colour across the hollows of my cheeks to ensure I have a subtle yet effective contour line. The great thing is that this brush is small enough and has an oval angled head so it can reach the hollows of your cheeks just enough without applying the contour all over your cheek, so you can get a really well defined contour look and buff the colour till your satisfied with your look.

4. The mulit-tasker brush:
I think this brush is supposed to be used for applying and buffing in concealer; which it does very well! However I also tend to use this to blend my eye shadow, as its large enough to just blend below the brow bone and give you a nice and well-blended eye look.

5. The Eye-shadow brush:

This is one of my top brushes for applying and blending eye shadow. I use it everyday alongside my naked palette and I find the shape of it allows you to apply a small amount and build the colour up. It is also great for applying colour under the eye and also blending a little onto the outer corner. 

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nice, love these brushes :)

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