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Beauty: Rimmel London Wonder'full Mascara with argan oil

I’m usually pretty curious when it comes to new and interesting makeup products, and this new mascara from Rimmel, which uses argan oil within the formulation, really had me hooked. After seeing a few TV and magazine adverts on this mascara, it I thought I would give it a whirl, I  managed to grab it for the introductory price of £5.99, which opposed to around £8.00, isn't not too bad. This product has given me mixed reviews, first off the packaging didn’t really throw me, the bronzed theme is obviously to indicate customers to the argan oil ingredient, yet the name and the design just didn’t appeal to me too much. From smelling the mascara you definitely get a strong hint of argan oil, after using it on my hair numerous times I’m quite a pro at picking up the scent. Hats off to rimmel for coming up with the idea of using argan oil within the formulation, everyone knows how good the oil is for hair, body, skin etc.. and now apparently for your lashes too, mind you, how inventive it might seem, to me I just don’t really see the point behind it as to be brutally honest, this mascara is just not that amazing. After my first use, and applying it quite liberally I just wasn’t happy with the outcome, don’t get me wrong this product does lengthen, and there really isn’t a lot of clumping.... but some how the volume and thickness just wasn’t up to scratch. For a start the thick and quite hefty brush just got in the way and didn’t help the application as I couldn’t reach those hard to get lashes, but the final look didn’t look half as good as my lashes would normally look after using say Maybelline the falsies (my fave mascara).  I think the idea is pretty innovative, and that’s obviously what they have played on more, but I think rather than focussing on marketing they should focus on actually making there formulas a little better. I would say that this is more of a day-to-day mascara, and perhaps a mascara for girls who prefer the less is more look.

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