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Beauty: The Urban Decay Naked palette

I’ve been pining after this palette ever since its beautiful self hit the shelves of department stores back two years ago.  Urban decay is not a brand I tend gravitate towards, I always find their brand colours and products a little brash and uninviting, the naked palettes however, are the one line of products that really get me going, probably because they are all nude shades and I love a good neutral eye. After the third Palette came out, I finally managed to pick up the first, (lol) the lady at the till directed me towards their newest one, yet to me the first naked palette seems to have the best array of tones, plus it felt wrong to purchase the third when I haven’t even tried the first one. The palettes are £37, which I know seems a lot, but when you actually see how many colours you receive and how pigmented they are you will agree that the price is not too shabby, plus the shadows individually are around £14 quid so your really saving money...some how. I adore this palette, and I don’t actually think I’ve put it down since I bought it; the shades are gorgeous, and the palettes includes a good range of neutrals as you have your lighter brow bone colours such as Virgin and Sin, then you have Naked, Sidecar and Buck which are great neutral brown colours to add to your crease.. then the exciting part.. the bronze colours (which are my personal favourites) which are Smog (LOVE), Half baked and Darkhorse, these 3 shades complement each other so well, as you can see from my swatches they are just so pigmented so you only need a tiny amount to get a strong smokey look. At the other end of the palette we have toasted and hustle which are also gorgeous pinkie, bronze colours, and finally you have the two darker colours that I actually haven’t used yet.... Creep and Gunmetal, which are both awesome colours to use for perhaps a smokier look for a night on the town. I am so in love with this palette, I probably only uses a few of the colours daily, such as smog, which is my ultimate favourite bronze, however I also love to use the lighter shades as a transitional colour on the brow bone, so they all collectively add something to your look. The perfect day-to-day palette in my opinion.

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