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Lifestyle: Minimalist Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Today I thought I would do something a little different, and write a post on room decor and bedroom inspiration. About 3 months ago, after finishing University and moving back home, I decided to give my sickly girly and pink themed room a bit of a make over. It is something that I had been thinking about for a while, and since I was moving back home, I wanted to give my room more of a grown up feel and a new lease of life as they say.

I decided to go for an all white theme after being inspired by so many other beauty bloggers whom all featured a lot of IKEA Malm furniture in their posts and videos, and we all know that its a bloggers prerogative to buy white furniture to make blogging pics look ridiculously crisp and gorgeous. My room re-decoration did not cost a lot at all, I decided to buy a big tub of white paint and managed to paint all my walls, windowsills, and even my bed-frame with a bit left over. In terms of furniture the only thing I bought was my Malm bedside table, which was only about £30, and everything else was basically room decor which I got from Ikea (the green pot plant, and candles are from ikea) and QD, which is a bit of a random handy store that sells about everything for great prices, so there was no need to break the bank. For starters IKEA is the place you really need to visit to achieve that sleek and simple look in your room for a really great price.

I wanted my bedside table to be in-keeping with the white theme, and so I bought a gorgeous lamp from Dunelm mill, a lovely vase with flowers (QD), and also placed my yankee candle burner which I light all the time, and is FAB as it is so much more long lasting than your average jar yankee. 

I also bought the white cut out holders from IKEA, which I use to store my makeup brushes, these are placed on my vanity/chest of drawers table and add a really nice touch to the look of my table and over all room.

I also bought two of these glass jars from QD for about £2.00 each, I use one of them for decorative purposes on my shelve, and the other I use to store my cotton pads, again a great way to add a little glamour to your table instead of showing the packet of cotton pads.

I am really pleased with the outcome of my room, Its exactly what I envisioned and i'm so glad that we have shops like IKEA and QD that offer the most gorgeous items for such cheap prices. I thinkthe white theme brightens up my room and makes it look a lot lighter and larger, and I encourage anyone who is thinking of re-doing their room to definitely get on the 'all-white' decor bandwagon.


Beatrice Gutu said...

Looks so amazing! I just moved into a new flat, so these tips will be very useful!

Megan Rose Keam said...

I love your style! So chic and clean, definitely gives me some ideas to update my room :)
Also, I also use the white cut out flower pots for my make up brushes, they work so perfectly!



Cherry said...

Everything is so pretty!

Ashley Collins said...

Oh my goodness, I've just found your blog and I am already obsessed!

Alexandra M said...

I love everything in this post, your room looks so lovely! I'm the opposite - just moved back to uni for my last year - and I'm obsessed with making my room here look pretty! Xx

A Blonde Moment

Helen said...

Thank you! ah great! be sure to visit IKEA ! haha xx

Helen said...

Thank you! Yeah they are so handy, and only about £2 each! so pretty xx

Helen said...

Thanks Hun :) x

Helen said...

Aww thank you lovely! :D xx

Helen said...

Thank you hun! ahh yes, its imperative to make sure your uni room is super cute and cosy whilst writing endless essays! haha Enjoy xx

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