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Skincare: Kiehls midnight recovery concentrate

Todays post will be a review on a product that I have been lusting after and longing for, for a very long time (probably since first year of university). After seeing the kiehls midnight concentrate literally everywhere, I finally gave in on a shopping trip to Westfield’s where I was in a sort of YOLO mind-set and just went for it. This khiels midnight oil has been reviewed by countless bloggers and editors, and most of them being positive reviews. I also know that many celebrities also swear by the stuff and I often see it in the beauty pages of various magazines, again being highly recommended by the beauty writers. The only downside is that this stuff is pretty pricey, which is the sole reason as to why I didn’t purchase it for so long, but sometimes you have to pay the price for a quality product, and this is definitely quality. For a start the packaging is just so elegant, the dark blue glass bottle, signalling the ‘midnight’ effect really makes it stand out and look well put together. The applicator is easy to use, and allows you to only use a few drops without losing any of the oil. When it comes to the actual product, there was no disappointment, much like any other facial oil, I only use a few drops into the palm of my hand, rub together and then gently pat onto the skin, it does feel quite oily when you first put it on, which is to be expected but it does quickly sink into your skin, so your not left with an oily face before you hit the pillow. I have been using this product for roughly two weeks now, using it every night after toning and before using my night moisturiser and I do feel that my skins overall complexion has become a lot brighter and healthier, my skin looks dewy and glows under foundation. I’m not sure if it is actually this stuff or also the fact that I am doing my juicing, drinking heaps water and exercising regularity, but none the less I do feel that this stuff is the deep treatment I need after a long day just to give my skin a good revamp. I think I will have to wait a few months till I see some strong results however I am loving incorporating it in my routine, and I’m excited to see the results after using it for 2-3 months.

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