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Beauty: The Benefit Christmas Stocking

As I was taking a leisurely stroll through boots the other day, I noticed something magical next to the Benefit makeup section, as I got closer, I realised it was an incredible (slightly early) Christmas product offer. Basically they are letting you choose 4 of their mini products (I say mini, but actually they are quite a generous size) to pop in the cutest benefit Christmas stocking, and then take away home for just £15. As someone who doesn’t really shop at benefit purely because of their slightly above average (putting it politely) prices, I thought this would be a good chance to try a few of their products, to see if they really are worth the money. 

They are offering quite a few different products, including their famous bad gal lash, however I have tried that before and actually didn’t get on too well with it, so I decided to try a few other things that I had been ogling for years yet never actually bought in full size. I literally grabbed the benefit porefessional, this is something I have tried and is AMAZING, so I obviously had to pick this up. I then went for High Beam, which is a liquid face highlight I have wanted to try for years, and after only using it for a day, I can already say I’m in love with the finish. I then opted for ‘that gal’ face primer, again a little product that everyone has raved about, so I thought I would pop this into my little stocking. And finally I picked up probably the most generous product sized of the lot, the boiling and eye bright duo, this is literally like a normal size product, and I am already super exited to try them; the boiling is a concealer, and the eye bright is an under eye brightener, and I can already tell that together they are gonna work a treat! 

I honestly was just so excited when I saw this stand in boots, and I think a round of applause is due for the PR and Marketing team at benefit for coming up with such a great idea (not sure if they did it last year, but this is the first time I’ve seen it) as it really does draw the benefit newbies in but is also a great little offer for actually such a reasonable price considering most of these products aren’t far off £30 each. Everyone needs to get down to their local benefit stand pronto and pick themselves up a cute little stocking, if not for them then for friends and family as a little pre-Christmas treat.

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