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Beauty: Cheap and cheerful ebay makeup brush set

I’m not gonna lie, I’m a bit of a fan of buying fake makeup brushes online... you wanna know why? Because their cheap, come in a generous set and are surprisingly good quality. I bought a few sets back when I was 16, and since then have moved on to bigger and better things such as the Real Techniques brushes, which are great quality but also very affordable, however the other night I slipped back into my old ways and sneakily purchased this gorgeous fake set of sigma brushes from eBay for around £8.00. 

Firstly, I absolutely adore the colours of them, as you can probably tell I am all about that white look ATM and these just look so sleek in my cute little pot on my dressing table. Secondly, I love that they include literally every core brush you need, such as your classic buffing brushes, an amazingly domed contour brush, and some amazing eye brushes. When I first used these on my face I actually couldn’t believe the softness, genuinely they are probably softer than the real techniques, it’s like rubbing your face with a tiny little baby bunny… (bit weird, but you get what I mean) 

Probably the most important point, the application; if I’m honest I really cant fault this, the buffing brushes work amazing with my liquid foundation and really work the product into the skin and give my skin an amazing finish. The contour brush, which is currently my favourite is probably the best contour brush I have used simply because it has such a good shape for the application and means you can create a lovely contour line along the hollows. 

These brushes may show their true colours in a few weeks or so, shedding after a few washes, however I do think that for the price they are amazing value and really do apply my makeup really well, plus they look so cute and a girl can never have too many makeup brushes!


Laura Dunn said...

I also own these brushes and I LOVE them. Great value for money

Polly Brown said...

Next stop - Ebay.

Megan meades said...

Looks like I know what's my next buy :) and I also nominated you for an award:) ♡

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