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Beauty: H&M Nail Polish in 'Pink Macaroon'

To be completely honest, I’m really not a big fan of nail polish/varnish. I've never had enough patience to sit and paint them neatly and then wait for them to dry, hence why they look terrible in these pictures. But a girl cannot neglect her nails, and after about a week of not wearing polish I feel a bit bare and unwomanly and need to add a bit of colour to my hands. My blog is definitely lacking in the nail department, so today Im writing about probably the first nail varnish I’ve bought in months, which is this pretty Barbie pink nail polish from H&M.

 I absolutely love that high-street stores have been dipping their toes into the whole makeup thing and bringing out their own lines, I particularly love the H&M line for being so cheap but actually selling really decent products. I have tried a few of their nail polishes before and loved the consistency and application; as they're neither gloopy nor do they take about a year to dry, result. This colour is called 'pink macaroon' which is probably the cutest little name and completely matches the colour pay off, I’m not usually one to go for pinks however I thought since my wardrobe colour palette mainly consists of black and white these days, I would try this to add a little colour to my outfits. 

I would highly recommend these nail polishes, probably more than Barry M or other drugstore polishes, they are just so much easier to apply as they have a great little brush and the product dry’s super quick, amazing!

1 comment

Karlien Vermeersch said...

looking good!
but the coverage isn't awesome I think
I still see our nails through it


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