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Hello October! My favourite things about Autumn

So since we are finally transitioning from a very long summer to my favourite time of year, Autumn! I thought I would do a short and sweet post listing all my favourite parts of this season. 

HALLOWEEN: Do I really have to even mention this? Halloween is probably my favourite time of the year, a bit weird I know but I just always love the excitement around Halloween, I just wish we did it as well as the Americans!(see modern family: halloween episode) I love events that occur over Halloween such as DRESS UP PARTIES! (I will miss Uni for this) trick or treating (LOL) and generally enjoying eating truck loads of sweets/candy whilst watching everyone’s favourite halloween film, Hocus Pocus! Mmm yeah I see you SJP

     WALKS: Crunching through the leaves on a autumnal afternoon is so pleasant, the golden colours are so beaut and it’s the perfect time to whip out that winter coat you have been dying to wear for so long, (see ya summer)

   COOLER WEATHER: so I dunno if you know this, but I’m a sucker for the cooler weather, as it basically means getting to wear winter clothing and there is nothing I like better than wrapping my self up in an uber chunky jumper, scarf and then finishing off with a to die for coat.

    Leading on from my last post, I ADORE A/W clothing, I just think summer clothes are always so boring and the same old shit, and for me I just love layering up and buying myself some killer winter boots and a gorgeous winter coat. This Autumn I will be channelling my style icons, MK and Ashley Olsen as I have the most gorge black boyfriend coat that I will be wearing EVERYWHERE… (black is a colour people)

    PSL: Yep, its that time again. Every body’s favourite, pumpkin spice latte is released once again, its in the name, its in the taste and I cannot contain my excitement when this bad boy comes back to Starbucks as it basically means autumns here and then Christmas!! (uhhhhh)

   CANDLES: I do love a good candle and I’ve recently stocked up on a few christmas scents from yankee candle that I have been dying to burn. My current fave smells are the Christmas eve and Christmas Memories, and I will most definitely be burning these around the house this year for an extra cosy and Christmassy feel!

   BONFIRE NIGHT: This is probably Novembers most famous event, the night where everyone wraps up warm, makes a dart for their bobble hats, stocks up on sparklers and meets for a night of sheer excitement watching firework displays and huddling around a great (slightly worryingly big) bonfire, (best enjoyed with your other half)

  BEING ABLE TO SLEEP: I don’t know about you guys, but for me I hardly ever get a good nights sleep over summer, my room is always so bloody hot and a sweaty disaster, and you try and open your windows for air but the bloody daddy long legs come in, and then your stressing about what to use to kill them.. (brutal) OH THE STRESS. 


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