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Skincare: Clinique 'Take the day off' Cleansing Balm

I purchased this Clinique Cleansing balm around the time when every blogger on the Internet seemed to be going mental for the Emma Hardy Cleansing balm (I have yet to try this) and it seemed that these balms were taking over the skincare cleansing game. The cleanser that I use daily is the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, which I still adore, however this balm from Clinique is simple, quick and removes makeup in seconds, and actually, its very effective and a pleasure to use. It cost around £20 from Debenhams, and I think for a Clinique product this price is pretty reasonable, (if you have been to a Clinique counter and witnessed their prices, you will know what I mean) I’d heard great things about this cleanser, and so far it has not disappointed, I don’t use it everyday, however I do like to use it on days when I get in late or I feel I need a bit of a deeper cleanse that is quick. 

I basically apply the balm to dry skin and rub away at my makeup, after which I take a damp flannel and rub my makeup away to then reveal squeaky-clean skin. This product is quite greasy and the balm is a little scary when you first put it on as its unlike any other cleansing product, however once rubbed into the skin and washed off you can tell that it has completely taken away all traces of makeup, even hard to remove mascara and eyeliner. My skin does feel quite dry after using it however, so a heavy duty moisturiser after is a must! I think this is definitely worth a try if you feel that your current cleanser isn't cutting the mustard, this product removes and cleanses in one fell swoop, simple!


Catherine Delves said...

I've been itching to try this for a while, I've heard so many good things and you're right it's such a reasonable price considering it's Clinique! Stumbled across your blog via Twitter & love it :)

Catherine xx

Grace Ziegfeldgirl said...

i have actually been dying to try this!

Just Britt said...

You made me want to go out and buy this! I'm definitely going to have to give it a try!
Lovely post ! Cheers!

Starshine said...

Hey girl! Just stumbled upon your blog, and love the work you’re doing on here, your posts are simply wonderful :) So inspiring, and informative at the same time!

I’m your latest follower on Bloglovin’, hope you can follow back :D Can’t wait to see future posts!



PS. This product looks so great, I went to give it a try! Have also been itching to try the Bioderma makeup remover, it's all the rage here in Paris!!

Helen said...

Thank you lovely! and yeah its defo worth a buy! xxx

Helen said...

try it! haha xx

Helen said...

haha good times! and thank you :D xxx

Helen said...

aww thank you :) x

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