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Beauty: The Benefit "that gal" Brightening Face Primer

I have only recently become a fan of the benefit makeup, I think for me their pricing and slightly OTT packaging had me thinking that there stuff was just a bit of a gimmick, and perhaps not as good as MAC. However, since buying their promotional stocking offer recently, and picking up a few minis from the range, I have succumbed to the hype and would now say that I am a solid fan of the brand. This product is a particular favourite of mine, after using a tester size and squeezing every last drop out of it, I just had to pick up the original size one, and with 10% off this weekend, It didn't break the bank too much.
I find this primer to be something of a miracle product, which can turn you from looking incredibly tired to incredibly awake and healthy in just a few seconds. I use to never see the point in primers; just thinking they were another pricey gimmick to slap on your face and clog your pores, but this one has changed my mind. I dab it into my skin prior to foundation, and its pink and pearly pigmentation instantly brightens and tightens the skin leaving me with a lovely dewy and pearly glow. I sometimes tend to just put this on, on days where I don't want to wear makeup, but I want to look like I’m somewhat human, and it just lifts the face and gives my skin a bit of a glow and sheen. I have used a few similar products like this, including the famous Clarin’s beauty balm, however I think this one takes the biscuit as it tightens whilst also adding the most gorgeous glow to the skin, almost like a pre makeup highlight.

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