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Haircare: Schwarzkopf Crystal Shine finishing oil

Since I recently had the chop, I wanted to buy myself some decent hair serums, oils and sprays to keep my mane somewhat under control for the winter months. My hair is pretty thick, and although some would see this as a good thing, for me it just means that my hair gets super knotty, frizzy and always seems to matte up in the crown area, which is ridiculously annoying. I wanted to buy myself some products to help tackle the frizz and to make my hair a little easier to manage, as I’m not the most patient person in the world when it comes to grooming my hair.

I picked up this Schwarzkopf Crystal shine finishing oil a few weeks back now from my favourite body care store, savers, which you guys will have heard me gush about time and time again. I think it cost me around £3.00, which is pretty good considering its quite a respected brand and the products size is fairly generous. I always like to use an oil in my hair as I find they tend to be more nourishing for your locks and keep moisture locked in to prevent dry ends. I only ever apply oils from the middle section of my hair down to the tips, never going onto my roots as this just increases greasiness.  Another quirky element about this product is that is was apparently developed my supermodel Claudia Schiffer, I’m not quite sure how much of that is true, but its a nice selling point and kind of makes me think if its good enough for a super models locks then its good enough for mine.

The consistency of this product is much more serum like rather than an oil and it comes out quite clear, its also slightly runny which is annoying, as it means its always a messy job when pumping some onto your hand. I rub the product between my hands and then just apply to the roots and a bit above, I like to do this straight after I have washed and combed my hair just so it gives it a nice little moisture boost and shine. I have found that this product leaves my hair super shiny and soft once dried, and it doesn’t make it greasy which is a major plus. My ends always look and feel more nourished once this is applied which is a great sign that it’s working. In terms of controlling frizz it does seem to help a little bit, however I think a more heavy duty product would work better for this, especially for my hair which is notoriously frizzy and big. You can find this product in most drugstores, I think its a great little item to have if you want to add a bit of life to your hair without breaking the bank, however I would perhaps opt for a serum which actually targets frizzy ness if that it your main concern.

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Karlien Vermeersch said...

sounds good to me!


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