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Lifestyle: Burning Yankee Candles The Cheap Way

I absolutely adore candles, I love that lighting a simple candle can create such a gorgeous atmosphere and leave a lovely warm glow and subtle scent. Like most other woman my age, I am a massive fan of the Yankee candles, specifically because their candles are so well scented and they have many different types to choose from, whether that be fresh scents such as clean cotton or sweet and sickly scents such as vanilla cupcake, their products will cater to everyone at any age.

I use to buy their larger jar candles when I was in University, and would spend around £16.00 on one which would burn out in about 5 weeks (I lit mine ALOT), now this is a heck of a lot of money for something which doesn’t really last all too long, hence why I decided to stop spending the money. For my last birthday I was bought this Yankee candle burner, which was very exciting and would mean me saving a lot of money. 

I Started to look for the flat Yankee candles which were meant to be used in a burner however I could literally not find them anywhere, the only ones they sold were these smaller burning candles, and at £1.80 (currently two for one in Clintons) I thought this was a much better price as opposed to £16.00. Now these candles are supposed to be lit from the wick, however if I was to light one I would literally use it in like 2 hours, not good. However I have found that melting them makes the scent last so much longer as the wax is just sitting there and not being melted away, which is a great waste. As you can see from the pictures, I just pop my candle into the top part; light a tea light in the bottom and slowly let the wax melt leaving my room with the most gorgeous and long lasting scent, I then remove the wick which I find just gets in the way. I think the great thing about melting the wax rather than just burning a jar is that it lasts so much longer and is much better value for money. 

I recently melted the small sized candle of 'fireside treats' and for £1.80 this wax lasted me 3 weeks, and the scent was still as strong as it was when I first melted the wax, that is the same as burning a £16.00 jar over 3 weeks, so you save so much more money. I have been burning candles this way for quite a few months now and just feel that its so much more cost effective, cause who really wants to spend up to £20 on a candle?! I am so excited to burn all my Christmas scents, and should have enough left for next year at this rate!


Lucy in the Sky said...

Such a clever idea! It never occurred to me to do this, will be trying it out!

everyday unicorn said...

This is a great idea! I'll be trying this out next time :)

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