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Skincare: My morning skincare routine

In today’s post I will be sharing with you my morning skincare routine, this has recently changed a little as I have re-purchased a few la Roche Posay products to try and tackle my oily T-zone. I am a big fan of everything skincare related and love to try out and test new products and brands that interest me. Having a skincare routine is so important for keeping your skin in good nick and away from nasty breakouts and blocked pores. Whenever you see a girl in the street and you think to yourself “OMG her makeup and skin is just flawless”, I can guarantee you that she probably has a very strict skincare regime to maintain healthy looking skin.
You can buy all the high-end makeup in the world, if you don’t look after your skin it will show through your makeup and you will pay for it when you reach your 30's! I have always stuck to a strict routine ever since I was about 16 and started to really break out and get bad blackheads, I started with drugstore brands such as T-zone and Simple and then gradually transitioned into using more beneficial and high end skincare brands such as Kiehls, La Roche Posay and Clinique. The main steps you should always follow are to cleanse, tone and then moisturise, I like to throw in a few oils and serums here and there but as long as you follow the basic steps your on your way to healthy looking skin. 

I like to start in the morning by just lightly cleansing my face and ridding my skin of any excess oils by using the Garnier Micellar cleansing water. This product is a godsend and also works really well as makeup remover, I drop a bit of this onto a cotton pad and then sweep all over the face to ensure all the dirt has been lifted. This product is fab as it’s really gentle so doesn’t aggravate your skin and leaves you with a lovely clean finish. I then go in with my La roche toner, I love la Roche Posay products as they target oily skin and tighten and minimize pore size which is something my skin really can benefit from, this one is their Effaclar toner, which basically is a heavy duty toner which minimizes pores and works deep into the skin to tighten and give a deep clean. You can definitely feel it working as the scent is quite strong and it leaves your skin feeling tingling and tight. After this I go straight in with my La Roche Posay Effaclar K serum which is an amazing product for  targeting the T-zone and unclogging and minumizng pores. I have used this before and I can definitely vouch for it, its best used straight after toning so that it can get into the pores and work its magic in tightening and closing the pesky buggers. 

And finally, the most important step in any routine, moisturiser, and for this I use my beloved Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturiser with SPF 30, I have been using this for a few months now and just love everything about it. It really is a heavy duty moisturiser which still leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturised come evening time, it also has SPF 30 so you can be sure that it is protecting you against everyday sun and pollution. So there you have it, my day-to-day morning skincare routine, I usually like to throw in a gritty facial scrub about once or twice a week just to rid my skin of any excess oil and dead skin cells.

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Rachel Marie said...

sounds like the perfect routine! I would love to try the micellar water :) x

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