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Skincare: Origins Out of Trouble Facial Mask

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to face masks, to me theres nothing better than spending a sunday night pampering yourself with a bubbly bath, a glass of Pino and a hard working face mask. I particularly love the Origins face masks as for me they really work in terms of deep cleaning and ridding the skin of any excess dirt and oil. I normally use my origins charcoal mask which is fab for deep cleansing the pores, however recently on a trip to boots, origins were doing a great offer where you buy 3 masks in one set, the charcoal one, their intensive overnight mask and this one for just £20! And considering I hadn't tried the Out of trouble* mask before, I wasn't going to miss this opportunity. 

I have used this mask a few times now and i just love it, Its quite a nice gentle mask so i tend to use it a few times a week as a quick skin fix, it has a gorgeous minty scent and a white clay consistency which washes off really well at the end, so no mess involved! I find that once I leave this on for 10-15 minutes, my skin just feels so clean, fresh and makeup free. It sinks deep into my pores and strips my skin of any excess oil, which you can see as it leaves your skin fairly matte. It claims that it revives and renews troublesome skin, so perhaps this would work better for someone with acne and spotty skin, however I feel that for me, this is just the perfect fresh mask to apply a few times a week to revive the skin, as my face feels baby soft after applying and just looks radiant and renewed. 


Catherine Delves said...

Soo gutted I missed this deal, I had it in my Boots cart on the website and everything but I completely forgot it was there! I've not tried any of the three masks before but I so want to, especially the charcoal one. This one also looks fab though.

Catherine xxx

Karlien Vermeersch said...

Oh this sounds really good
never heard of the brand here in my country


Aimee said...

Ah this mask sounds so perfect! I took advantage of the deal too and got my sister the set for Xmas...although if she doesn't want it for any reason then I'll happily be taking it off her hands! x

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