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5 tips for staying motivated at work

With more and more women working 12 hour days, it can become increasingly difficult to maintain concentration and motivation. When your task list seems never ending it can be really hard to keep on top of your game, and thus, the work anxiety starts to creep in. I’ve listed 5 tips which have helped me become much more motivated in my PR role, which will hopefully help you too.  

Get a head start
And no- I don’t mean spending 40 minutes of your morning doing a downward dog yoga pose. I simply mean starting your day right. Get up a little earlier, make yourself a coffee, listen to the morning news on the radio, chill out and get yourself mentally prepared for your day. I know many of us are more prone to hitting the snooze button more than once, but chances are if you rise earlier you will be much more ready to face the day, rather than arriving at the office a fuzzy anxious mess.

Make a priority task list
I find that creating a list of things I need to achieve that day is great for keeping on top of my game. Whether it’s a few things or a lot, if you keep a log of where you are and what needs doing you will feel so much more organised, and trust me, that feeling of ticking tasks off when finished is fab.

Drink water
I know many of us are more likely to be downing 8 cups of coffee a day than 8 glasses of water, however ensuring you drink 3 litres of water a day is paramount to keep you hydrated and in turn helping your concentration. I find keeping a 2 litre Evian bottle by my desk reminds me to finish it each day!

 Push yourself
Are you a victim of the 3pm work slump? Me too. It seems once that hour hits my motivation    goes out the window, which is why it’s super important to make sure when you hit that wall to just break through it. Maybe give yourself a goal or a task that you want to get done by 5, or push yourself to hit your targets earlier.

Take a break
Many of us who work in an office environment get so engrossed in what we are doing that we forget to take a break and stretch are legs. Having regular breaks from the screen is not only good physically for your eyes, back and legs, but mentally as sometimes having a walk around the office, or getting some fresh air gives you a fresh perspective on things.
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