Pixi Glow Tonic: Worth the hype?

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

PIXI by Petra is a skincare brand that is fairly new to the UK beauty industry, but over the past few months has taken it by storm. I think the first time I properly heard about them and grew my knowledge on the brand was when they launched their double cleanse cleanser in collaboration with the highly successful skincare blogger Caroline Hiron’s (I did actually give into the hype and buy this product, but I’ll save that review for another post) PIXI by Petra sets itself apart from other luxury skincare brands for having this sweet, almost quite millennial trademark feel to it, the packaging for one (which uses mainly a gold and pastel green palette) seems a little simple and drugstore- but I think that’s what makes it work. With its ethos being based around using natural ingredients, and giving its customers a ‘healthy and glowing’ complexion, proving quite similar to the likes of other natural skincare brands such as Liz Earle and Pai, its palpable that PIXI is just another breakthrough brand making full use of the ‘vegan and organic’ marketing angle.

Created over 10 years ago and launched in Soho, London, PIXI has a loyal worldwide following thanks to its pure, awakening & skin-loving products that create a naturally radiant "just had a good night's sleep" look. Passionate about skincare, Petra creates innovative formulations that are infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients. Petra has real-world experience as a busy working mother of four, therefore PIXI is truly about multitasking, flaw-fixing, youth-enhancing products for women on-the-go with no time to spare.

It’s no secret that this youthful, ‘less is more’ look which is sweeping the runways and beauty industry is becoming more popular with everyday working women, thus skincare has become a vital step in one’s beauty regime. I for one much prefer spending my well-earned pennies investing in some high-end skincare as oppose to overpriced makeup. Just look at the likes of Models Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, both are known for their glowing complexions and barely there makeup- which is seemingly why women are taking much more of an interest in their skin health – which is bloody fantastic if you ask me.

PIXI glow tonic is one of the brands best-selling products, so it was no big shock when I decided to invest in a tube after stumbling across their Carnaby street store ( If you haven’t visited- you must, its true skincare store heaven) this glow-giver brightens, tones and conditions your skin after cleansing. Enriched with 5% glycolic acid – a natural derivative of sugar cane, and member of the alpha-hydroxy acid family – this gentle, exfoliating formula dissolves the bonds binding dulling dead cells to skin’s surface, to reveal the ‘new’ healthy skin cells underneath. Victoria Secret model, Jordan Dunn is also apparently a huge fan of the product.

After about a week of use now, I must say I do quite enjoy sweeping the refreshing substance on my skin of a morning and evening, it has this incredible yet almost overpowering rose fragrance to it, and you really do feel that it is purifying your skin as well as giving your complexion an immediate glow.

It was actually this morning, when I parked myself down in front of my vanity mirror having just awoken and still a bit perplexed, I noticed my complexion. I was glowing. Now I understand that this could be down to all manner of things: the fact that I’m drinking 3 litres of water a day, exercising 4 times a week, or maybe it’s that green smoothie I had a few days prior, but it just seemed that this morning my imperfections and redness were less so, my wrinkles were diminished, and I just had a bit more of a youthful look about me.

I know many of you may be reading this and thinking this is utter rubbish, but I wouldn’t be writing it if it wasn’t true. It may not be down to the glow tonic, but I have a sneaky feeling, if this product is as good as they say, it might be. For £18.00 I rather think it’s quite a bargain, especially for the amount you receive. I can honestly say that I think this will become a strong contender in my toner cupboard, alongside my beloved LA Roche Posay clarifying toner and my Clinique toning lotion. I will definitely be checking out the rest of the PIXI products in the near future, not only do they seem to do what they say on the tin, but they also look fabulous on my vanity table.

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