Dining in London: The Ivy Kensington Brasserie

Tuesday, 17 October 2017


I have been lucky enough to have visited the Ivy a number of times now - having been to the ones in Covent Garden, Chelsea and Kensington. However I think the Kensington restaurant swings it for me in terms of atmosphere and service. One misconception about the Ivy is that it is a highly expensive restaurant where predominantly celebrities hang out, but in fact it’s quite the opposite and the menu actually boasts quite affordable dishes. 

The most expensive dish doesn’t exceed £25, (and that’s probably the steak) so really it’s on par price wise with many other London restaurants. I do love the Ivy as it always has a fabulous atmosphere and offers the most amazing array of cocktails and fresh fruit juices, I do love their green juice which comes out like a piece of art with a spiral of apple decorating the rim of the glass.

One of my favorite dishes is their Shepherd’s pie, which has recently been raved about on many news sites for its utterly delicious and rich flavor. I must admit, I was quite hungover when I went to the Ivy the day I had this, and was really hankering for something big and hearty, so when a measly shepherd’s pie came out I was a little taken aback – however it is so rich and the flavor is so lovely that you really don’t need too much of it.

The ivy also boasts some wonderful surroundings, from the pictures you can see that the d├ęcor is really quite stylish and glamorous. The staff are also really friendly and they really are skilled with the cocktail making – there’s nothing worse than ordering a cocktail and the bar tender scratching his head over ingredients.

Overall this place is wonderful for an evening or lazy afternoon out, the perfect surroundings to celebrate a birthday or to go with a group of friends – if you are in the area I do suggest heading to the Kensington brassiere on Kensington High st.

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