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Heading home to the Country for a bit of R&R

Back in March, I made the move from my small countryside town in Suffolk to London to start my career in PR. I had ambition, drive and after 5 months of living at home as a bit of a bum after travelling, I was just SO ready for this new chapter. Now 8 months into London life, without beating around the bush, I have come to realise that London life is HARD 

Yes its also fun, exciting and you never really know what you will be doing each week.. but it is also unpredictable and tiring.. and although this fuels my ambition somewhat it also makes me sometimes yearn for the easy, slow living, countryside life that I left behind. I mean of course if I moved back home today I would be SO bored and get itchy feet straight away - but living in London has made me appreciate the country so much more... who knew it could be so bloody peaceful at night?

I am fortunate that my childhood home is only a short train ride away from the big city, and so last weekend I headed back to the country for the Halloween weekend. And as usual it was very much needed. I took my nephew out on a farm trail on the Saturday, I went for lunch and a walk with an old friend on the Sunday and I went out with my best friend to our local pub on the Friday, yes I got terrifically drunk...but woke up the next morning feeling happy. And I am so grateful that I still have this life to come back to when I need reminding of what I have. (wow- deep) I urge anyone else who is feeling a little stressed living in the city, to make a trip to the country for a few days - I guarantee it will help you feel a little more sane.

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