Moving to London? Read this

Friday, 27 October 2017

So you've graduated Uni and now plan on heading to the big smoke -- Congrats, and welcome to one of the most diverse cities in the world - but now comes the tricky part, choosing where to live. I have listed 5 central London places I think any newbie to London will always love and settle well into.

1. Clapham
A true hotspot for those early 20 somethings who have just finished University and are now wanting to step into the big wide world of work - but also want to be sociable and party hard! Many young professionals flock to Clapham due to the fact that it offers a vibrant nightlife, as well as an incredible common (Clapham common) and a whole host of great restaurants and bars. Their infamous nightclub Infernos (where that bloody brilliant dancing scene from The Inbetweener's was filmed) can be enjoyed once or twice whilst living here - but maybe don't step inside there too often.

2. Brixton
Brixton has long been celebrated for its vibrant art and music culture - as soon as you step out of the tube station there are various street artists playing tunes to hoards of hipster like crowds. The famous Ritzy cinema and club electric Brixton are great places to get a real feel of Brixton and the David Bowie era.

3. Shoreditch
Hip, trendy Shoreditch is the place to be if you want to chuck on your vans and head out for an all-nighter down brick lane. Many hipsters and artsy individuals can be found dwelling around the street markets and food stalls of a day -- this is a great place for professionals working in the creative field as many offices are based around here, as well as it being a hub for the grime music scene.

4. Kensington
If you, like myself, are a little older than the recent graduates and fancy living somewhere a little quieter, cleaner and generally just nicer... (sorry south London) then head to North-West London, notably around the Kensington area where you will find many fabulous restaurants, great shopping locations and may occasionally hobnob with the odd MIC star -- its also a great location as it is a short tube ride to the centre of London but is a lot less busy.

5. Camden
Camden has long been seen as one of the trendiest areas of London. Located in the north west of the city, it’s hugely popular to young professionals, thanks to easy transport into the centre of town, fair property prices and a booming social scene. Camden Market is one of the more famous attractions in the area, and there’s also a fabulous walk alongside Regents Canal to enjoy. 

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