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Harley Street Skincare: The Review

I was lucky enough to receive some goodies in the post a few weeks back by the lovely people at Harley Street Skincare, and after weeks of using the products, I thought I would do an honest review for you guys in case you were planning on checking the products out. They kindly sent the cleanser, anti-ageing serum, daily moisturiser, and the product I was really excited about, the pore minimising mask. I replaced my kiehl's skincare with these products with a view to seeing if they truly made a difference to my skin, and actually, I really do feel like certain products have helped my skin become much more smooth and hydrated. 

The first thing you notice as you apply the products is the amazing smell that accompanies the product, not a horrid perfumed scent but a fruity scent. I love to use the 2-in-1 cleanser in the morning as this is just so easy before I head out to work. I apply the milk like liquid all over a damp face, massage in circular motions then wash off with a flannel and my face feels squeaky clean, but not tight which a lot of cleansers seem to do, my skin feels soft and supple which I think is down the moisturizing milky consistency. After I apply my toner (currently using PIXI glow tonic, review here) I then apply the serum which is honestly divine to apply, it is like any other serum in terms of consistency, but a small amount seems to go along way, and what I love is how smooth and refined my skin looks and feels immediately after using this.

The daily moistener is also an extremely moisturizing cream which also includes an SPF which is always good especially in the winter sun, however as I do have oily skin I do find once I apply foundation I do have to use extra setting powder as this cream really does the job in terms of hydrating, but for me it’s just a little too oily, however still a great one for winter as the colder months seem to give me dryer areas on my chin and cheeks.

The one product that left me a tad disappointed was the pore minimizing mask, at one point I thought I had put the wrong product on my skin as the consistency was literally just like putting a day cream on the skin, the instructions read to literally apply the lotion and massage in a little, just like you would a mask to cleansed skin, which I did, however I didn’t feel anything was really happening, normally with these things you may feel a tingling sensation or some indication of something happening. When I washed the mask off, granted my skin felt tighter and brighter but I wouldn’t say I could physically see my pores looking refined, however, this may come with time after a few months of use – but to me, it was just like a moisturizing mask rather than a pore refining one.

Overall, I do think these products are lovely, and definitely leave your skin feeling nourished and refreshed, however I think for the slightly hefty price tags that come with them, it may be hard to see them compete with other big brands within a similar price tag – having said that, with these products being developed by skincare specialists, you do feel as though you hold a lot of trust in them. I do think my skin has benefitted from using these products, I’ve used them now for around 5/6 weeks and my skin does seem smoother and visibly brighter, so I would definitely recommend if you’re in the market for more high-end skincare.

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