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The PixieLottxKiss blogger event in Soho

When an invite landed in my inbox for the KISS blogger lunch with none other than Pixie Lott, I was a little perplexed. Having never attended a blogger event before (I have literally only just started blogging again) I was pretty excited to see how these things played out… as well as seeing if I recognised any familiar faces in the crowd.

The event itself was beautiful, the PR ladies at Alex Silver had done such a wonderful job, they had different pamper stations set up where bloggers could get their nails and lashes done, as well as a henna tattoo station, they also had the yummiest welcome cocktails (as well as an open bar throughout – hell yes) and the most epic chocolate fondue fountain.

When Pixie made her slightly chilled entrance ( No announcement, I literally just turned around and BAM she was next to me) all eyes were on her, and it was easy to see why. SHE. IS. SO. STUNNING. She legit looked like a Barbie doll she was so perfect and so so lovely, we had a fab chat about all her old music which I adored when I was younger. 

The event was much better than anticipated, as to be honest I just didn't know what to expect, I don't even really class myself as a "real" blogger, so it was just such an honour to even be invited. Seeing all the other bloggers taking pictures, vlogging and generally having a ball, it did motivate me somewhat to actually give the whole blogging thing a *real* go. I met a few bloggers who had recently quit their full-time jobs and had taken blogging full time, which if you think about it, IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY, but its happening more and more with bloggers, and I just think its fantastic that the internet and social media are allowing people to be their own bosses and build a personal brand. Don't get me wrong, I adore my job in PR, but a girl can dream...


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